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Spring is coming, yes?

Boy this has been a rough winter.  The deep snow on the farm and well below freezing temps have made even the simplest tasks of tending to  the goats and chickens a major chore. Constant snow blowing, shoveling and salting just to open the stall doors is enough to make me want to go on […]

So many of you have written in to tell me that you saw the episode on THE CHEW (12/31/13) and were wondering if I can ship the pies and or share the recipe.  Well, while I work on figuring out how to ship them, I am able to give you the recipe today :).  I […]

Earlier this year I taped a piece with my buddy Mario Batali for his show The Chew. My staff and I were so excited to have the filming crew and Mario himself to our Sweet Melissa’s, and spent the days leading up to filming getting the shop spiffied up and looking just right. Everyone lent […]

Whether baking at home or testing recipes at the shop, there are a few tools that I cannot live without. I turn to these tools EVERY time I make a recipe, and these are the things I miss the most when I am baking away from home. Baking without the proper tools can really make […]

On Saturday afternoon, after visiting with my brother and his family in Mawah, and indulging not only in chocolate dipped, raspberry filled cream cheese cookies, cheese fondue and home made pizza (thanks to my dough-throwing hubby), it was time to waddle to Staten Island to visit my in-laws. They can’t get enough of Baby Chrissy […]

‘T is the season

This past weekend, I had some serious cabin fever, so Chris, Baby CJ, our  dog Jax and I decided to pack ourselves up and go visiting.  First stop was to my brother Chris’s house. He and his wife Randi, their children Skyler (12yo) and Trent (13yo), and their 3 dogs live in Mahwah, about 90 minutes […]

Easy as pie dough

Here’s a quick post just in case you need a perfect pie crust!  I hope you all have the most wonderful Thanksgiving! For Perfect pie dough, see recipes

8 Pies

It’s been a few weeks now, since we closed our door, and I must say, as much as I miss the daily hustle and bustle, it sure is nice to have a break. I am now able to spend some uninterrupted time with my beautiful baby boy, and be the mommy I’ve always wanted to […]