So many of you have written in to tell me that you saw the episode on THE CHEW (12/31/13) and were wondering if I can ship the pies and or share the recipe.  Well, while I work on figuring out how to ship them, I am able to give you the recipe today :).  I actually sent the recipe to THE CHEW when we first filmed the piece, and I cannot find it anywhere…. so I retested it this morning.  I’m trying to get it to you quickly, I asked hubby to help me with the dough.  I put the ingredients together in the bowl, and asked him to grab the pastry blender.  He said “what’s a pastry blender?” Whaaatttt….. do we live in the same world? So I fished it out of my horribly disorganized baking drawer and handed it to him.  I told him to press down and twist.  About 5 seconds later he said ” It’s all bent”.  It was in fact ALL BENT.  He mangled it.  How is this even possible? Luckily, it was more than willing to bend back into shape! After a quick lesson, he perfectly cut the butter into the flour until it was the size of large peas 🙂 Much better!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as it was TORTURE getting it together! My baby CJ is teething, working on his 5th tooth, and going out of his mind- not easy to bake and write to say the least!


See MY RECIPES for the Cherry Berry Handpies…

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