‘T is the season

This past weekend, I had some serious cabin fever, so Chris, Baby CJ, our  dog Jax and I decided to pack ourselves up and go visiting.  First stop was to my brother Chris’s house. He and his wife Randi, their children Skyler (12yo) and Trent (13yo), and their 3 dogs live in Mahwah, about 90 minutes north of our farm.  I knew we were expecting snow, and I was itching to bake, so I prepared by bringing along some sheet pans, parchment paper, cream cheese, vanilla extract, and an orange. I also brought my spritz gun, it would be my first time using it, and I was excited.  I had picked it up at a yard sale, years ago, and it was very “retro” and cool looking.  I couldn’t wait to make cream cheese spritz cookies with my niece Skyler, or “Pie” as I affectionately call her (her parents used to call her Pie as well, but she put the kabash on that.. hopefully I can continue to get away with it…).

So, all started out well, the dough is super easy to make, and delicious even in its raw state. It easily loaded into the gun, and we tried a few different plates to see which would be the prettiest. But then… well, the gun was crap.  It kept getting jammed, even when we cleared it out and it was completely empty!  Pie was determined though, and after a good hour we were rewarded with 48 pretty little cookies.  The dough was very forgiving, and allowed us to scrape up the less than perfect cookies over and over again ( perfectionist Pie) and re spritz them.  We baked them and tasted them- delicious, tangy from the cream cheese and orange zest, buttery and just a little bit tender. It was still snowing, so we decided to fill them with raspberry jam and dip them halfway in chocolate.  Talk about gilding the lily.. theses were AMAZING!!!! Definitely Christmas Eve worthy, and special enough to give as a present. Try them, you’re gonna love them!

See recipe for: ChocolateDipped, Raspberry Filled Cream Cheese Spritz Cookies



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