On Saturday afternoon, after visiting with my brother and his family in Mawah, and indulging not only in chocolate dipped, raspberry filled cream cheese cookies, cheese fondue and home made pizza (thanks to my dough-throwing hubby), it was time to waddle to Staten Island to visit my in-laws. They can’t get enough of Baby Chrissy (CJ) and we were due for a sleepover.

My mother in law, Debbie has a zip top bag filled with recipes, some torn out from magazines, but most scribbled on scraps of paper or lovingly scripted on note cards. These recipes have known many sticky fingers, and are called upon again and again to teach young ones, and remind the seasoned bakers, of the ingredients needed. They are in no way organized, and when looking for a particular recipe you must touch each one, which may be upside down or backwards, and read it to see if it is the one being sought. That’s the fun part, for in touching and reading each recipe, you are bound to say, ” Remember this?! I love this!” And Debbie will respond ” Oh yes, we make that cookie for Christmas” or “that cheesecake’s for Easter, its delicious…” When I came upon another for the beloved Split Second cookies, named for the pace at which they disappear, it prompted a favorite story. “Uncle Paulie’s Aunt Marion would come for coffee. She would walk in the house, turn on the oven and pull the dough from her purse.” I always loved the image of an elderly woman walking around Bensonhurst with cookie dough in her purse.

This recipe is for Butterhorns, an adaptation of Debbie’s “Crescents”- a family favorite, and the recipe I happened to be looking for. I cut the original recipe in half, and added some orange zest and a bit of sugar to the rich sour cream dough, and included a brushing of egg wash so that the cinnamon walnut crumble would stick even better. They are a delicious melt in your mouth cookie, that also disappear in a “split-second”.

Happy Holidays!

Please go to “My Recipes” for the recipe for Butterhorns.

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